ultra luxe

oil abstract with black lines. beautiful and harmonious background. modern Art


ultra luxe

oil abstract with black lines. beautiful and harmonious background. modern Art



Hi there ūüĎč ! My name is Amy & I‚Äôm a luxury travel advisor ‚Äčwith FORA.

I specialized in Ultraluxe Travel Experiences. Meaning? ‚ÄčEverything is taken care of, and everything is exclusive and ‚Äčprivate. From your transportation to your dinner reservation,‚Äč to that helicopter ūüöĀ that‚Äôs going to drop you in the middle‚Äč of Patagonia for the trek of your LIFE!‚Äč

Explore with us today !‚Äč

Ultraluxe is most easily defined as "exclusive use:" private transportation,‚Äč accommodations and experiences.‚Äč

Trending destinations

paris, france

lake como, italy

White And Blue Concrete Building Near Body Of Water

mykonos, greece

bali, indonesia

top experiences

castle visit & overnight stay


magic city fly-over tour


igloo overnight stay


how to work ‚Äčwith us

we have a lot of experiences and are able to provide bespoke adventure for all our guests each and every one of our suppliers are vetted prior to any booking to ensure smooth traveling and set clear expectations

there are multiple ways to work with us, here's an overview of our packages:

  • bronze package: hotel or activities booking only

*booking fee may apply

  • silver package: hotel & activity booking

*some restrictions applies

  • gold package: hotels, activities, transportation & dinner RESERVATIONS

*at no extra fee

  • amex package: our advisor will book your hotel through your amextravel account in order ‚Äčfor you to get your AMEXTRAVEL points.

*planning fee apply, inquire for more details

  • PLATINUM package: fully custom itinerary with over $1,800 worth of added value, apply only on ‚Äčbookings with a total value of $19,999 and more

book your trip !

Chile exploration - 7 nights

iceland - 5 nights

luxury cruises - 4 to 20 nights

What's ‚Äčincluded?

our full itinerary custom package always includes:

  • fully detailed itinerary - $100 value

(with packing list, traveling tips, emergency numbers, interactive links & tipping etiquette)

  • custom maps of tour locations & more - $250 value
  • expense tracker - $199 value
  • 24/7 support - $1000+ value
  • unlimited pre-booking changes, adds-on - $79+
  • unlimited dinner booking - $250

more than $1,878.00 of services for free with our fully itinerary custom package

request a site inspection

not sure if a resort or hotel is the PERFECT fit for you? ‚Äčunderstandable, some trip can be a big decision and ‚Äčtrying a new place out can be scary. that's why we ‚Äčoffer site inspection as well. if you'd like for us to ‚Äčcheck out a place you have in mind before committing ‚Äčto anything further, we will be happy to assist and go ‚Äčcheck it out for you !

get in touch today and our team will be ‚Äčhappy to provide a full site inspection for ‚Äčyou. we only ask you to cover the cost of ‚Äčthe flight round-way for our closest team ‚Äčmember & the rest is on us !

get in touch !

casa de campo

exclusive villa

I'd love to hear from you

Want to work together? Call, text, or email me!

305.781.4355 / amy.haefeli@fora.travel

Skyline Photo of Empire State Building in New York City

Keep in touch !

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ultra luxe

oil abstract with black lines. beautiful and harmonious background. modern Art
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